Improbable Encounters

The following works are included on the album Improbable Encounters (innova 873, 2014); click on the links below to view or download scores:

Der Ohrenzeuge for solo bass flute (1999)
Die Sternklare for solo percussion (2006)
Der Leidverweser for solo contrabassoon (1998)
Der Wasserhehler for solo ocarina (2000)
Die Tischtuchtolle for solo violin (1997)
Die Silbenreine for solo glass harmonica (2000)
Der Schönheitsmolch for solo bass saxophone (2008)
Der Hinterbringer for solo piccolo (2013)
Der Demutsahne for solo guitar (2008)
Prime Set for solo percussion (1985)
Monogram (for Nicolás, in memoriam) for solo piano (2004)
Pathways: Interior Shadows for soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra (1995)
Goblin Market for trombonist, prepared piano, and intermedia (1993)
IcarUS aT thE caBARet VoLtairE: parT I (tHe RENdeZVOus) for two guitarists (1985)
Three Poems from Felt (after Alice Fulton) — poetry with computer music (2005)
Cornell Set — poetry with computer music (2011)
Leviathan (after W.S. Merwin) for male voice, bass trombone, and intermedia (1998)