More than droughts impact our water supplies and quality

In addition to issues of drought, the tiniest substance can impact Earth's most valuable resource — water. But Dr. Sam Atkinson and a host of scientists and students are working to help improve water quality for the entire North Texas region. Diverse aquatic environments — with unique combinations of aquatic ecosystems, prairies and wildlife — provide the perfect backdrop for his study. To best support and understand water conservation and restoration, UNT's Institute of Applied Science is pushing boundaries in the field of aquatic ecosystem restoration and aquatic ecology.

Music, architecture and art coming alive

Music, architecture and art come to life

At his recent intermedia performance, David Stout, professor of composition and new media and coordinator of UNT's Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA), challenged students to create their own performance art. NanoGalactic combined old and new media alike to re-evaluate everything from the size of our world to the perception of time.

Toral Patel ('99 TAMS) and Ankur Patel ('05 TAMS)

Jumpstarting STEM careers

One of only seven residential programs in the nation, UNT’s Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) allows talented high school students to start their first two years of college early and gets them on the path to a STEM career faster. Pairing students with faculty scientists gives TAMS students an advantage that leads them to become pioneers in their professions — everything from thermal engineers for NASA to neurosurgeons to plant scientists at Carnegie Mellon — while fulfilling the state and nation’s need to have top-caliber STEM expertise.

Research Spotlight
Cybersecurity expertise at UNT

With dozens of high-profile cybersecurity breaches top of mind for anyone who shares their information online for business or personal purposes, UNT has strategically pulled together several colleges and departments — including business, criminal justice, engineering and more — to focus researchers' attention on network security and human behavior in relation to cybersecurity. The National Security Agency and U.S. Department of Homeland Security designated UNT a National Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research. UNT is one of about 60 designated research centers in the U.S.

Preserving bumblebees as an important link in the food chain

Tomatoes, chili peppers and blueberries are a few of the many crops that rely on bumblebees for pollination. Bumblebees also are the main pollinators for several wildflower species such as sunflowers that grow to become food sources for birds and small mammals. UNT doctoral candidate Jessica Beckham has spent years researching Texas bumblebee populations, observing how urban green spaces and community gardens are preserving these important pollinators.

Helping our veterans
Helping our veterans
Military veterans who use avoidant coping strategies — denying or minimizing distressing thoughts, experiences and emotions — are more likely to exhibit symptoms of depression and generalized anxiety. But emotional help and support from family members reduces the negative impacts of these conditions, according to a UNT study on veterans' transition to becoming college and university students. The UNT Family Attachment Lab conducted the Veterans Experiencing the Transition to Students research project (VETS) to investigate risk and resilience factors during veterans' transition to university and everyday life.

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