On Thursday, March 12, 2009, the University of North Texas presented a conference that brought together nationally known figures and local experts to provide a lively, balanced discussion of immigration-related social, economic, and policy issues currently faced in the US. The conference was held in the Silver Eagle Suite of the UNT Union from 8:15am until 8:30pm. The conference began with three panel sessions during the day and ended with an evening forum. Dennis McCuistion (host of "The McCuistion Program" on PBS) moderated the evening forum, and panelists included Lee Hamilton (ex-member of the US House of Representatives), Mark Krikorian (Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies), and Benjamin Johnson (Executive Director of the American Immigration Law Foundation). The conference was open to all and free of charge. We appreciate the participation of all who attended. Stay tuned for future immigration conference activities.

Conference Presentations

Below, we provide downloadable presentations from the panel sessions. Please contact the presenters directly for additional information.

Morning Panel #1
Hilary Chester
Laura Gonzalez
Josiah Heyman
Rodolfo Rosales

Morning Panel #2
Jorge Eduardo Mendoza
Pia Orrenius
Susan Pozo

Afternoon Panel
Ted Hamann
Alejandra Rincón
Angela Valenzuela (Presentation unavailable)


8:30-10:00Morning Panel #1: The Human and Cultural Effects of Immigration
10:15-11:45Morning Panel #2: Immigration and Economics
1:30-3:00Afternoon Panel: Immigration and Education
6:00-7:00Poster Contest Award Presentations: UNT Gateway Center, Room 35
7:00-8:30Evening Forum: The Future of United States Immigration Policy

Film Series

Monday, March 9
12:00 Conference screening: "Well-Founded Fear" in Chilton Hall Media Library
6:00 Conference screening: "Crossing Arizona" in Chilton Hall Media Library

Tuesday, March 10
3:00 UPC Conference screening: "The Visitor" in Chilton Hall Media Library
6:00 UPC Conference screening: "The Visitor" in Union Syndicate
6:00 Lunch Box Films screening: "Sentenced Home" in Chilton Media Library

Wednesday, March 11
12:00 Lunch Box Films screening: "Sentenced Home" in Chilton Media Library
6:00 Conference screening: "A Day Without a Mexican: A Mockumentary" (1998) in Chilton Media Library

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